Will Crimping KILL my hair???

Does crimping your hair damage it in any way? I don’t do it very often… like once a month or so.

Answer #1

first of all, hair is already dead so it cant kill your hair but just damage it. if you only do it once a month then your hair should be fine but you some sort of leave in conditioner the next time you shower after youve crimped it to help your hair regain the moisture it lost. but you should be fine! : )

Answer #2

I don’t think so and anyways you don’t do it a lot. I want to crimp my hair but I don’t have an iron to do it. where did you get your and for how much?

Answer #3

It won’t do any more damage than straightening your hair will. It will cause some damage, but if you only do it sparingly you won’t be able to notice any change. :)


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