Should I crimp my hair first or highlight it first (read more)?

I wanna have my hair crimpted and highlighted with 2 bright colors. when i do my hair should i crimpt it then highlight it or highlight then crimpt which is the best? Will it make a difference? and do you think i can pull it off?

Answer #1

no…..ur not required to do that as ur hair looks good………..and plzz don’t do any kind of experiments……

Answer #2

im not i just wanna try something new

Answer #3

and thanks, dunno if im actually gonna do it though just asking

Answer #4

and its REMOVABLE highlights not permanent!!!!

Answer #5

crimpting is just kinda-ish curling it…that’s all!

Answer #6

If I were you I’d probably highlight it then crimp it.I don’t exactly know if it’d make a difference..and its’s just hair so if it doesn’t look the way you’d like you can always change it.

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