Will a belly bar strech my ear to 1.6mm?

I’m thinking about getting a 3mm tunnel (flesh hole for those who are a little blonde). But the thing is my dad wont let me, so im going to do it behind his back. I need to strech it to 1.6mm right, which is a belly bar. If I put the belly bar in my ear tonight.. Will it strech it or not?

Answer #1

A 3mm tunnel will heal over in like.. a week or two. Geesh.

Answer #2

yes, tongue and belly bars will stretch your ear up to about 1-1.5mm. Also, doing that will lessen the initial pain of stretching. I did it, and im at 10mm now, and my parents dont even know about them. you just need to invest in a good pair of plugs with quite a big flare on one end, to look like an earring. 3mm will heal in no time at all.

hope this helped

Answer #3

Its a bad desision! DO NOT GET A TUNNEL. you’ll be left with a massive horrible hole. and its not hot!!!

Answer #4

im not familiar with mm’s. but if its like 1-4 sizes bigger then the original you have now. it should stretch.

Answer #5

You /are/ only 14, you’ll just start scaring people away and be sorry for this decision later on when you’re older.

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