Anybody here study or practiced wicca?

Anybody here Study or practiced wicca?

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Wicca is a detrimental belief system that worships nature/mother earth/false gods and goddesses. They claim their “craft” is natural and of nature, but the “energies” that they play around with are actually demons. They (wiccans) will deny this, but they are neither being honest nor enlightened.

Satan and his many demons, have blinded their eyes to the true and living Lord of the Universe - Jesus Christ who came to save us all from our sins! Wiccans see Christ as a way too narrow and yet they don’t know that in Jesus is eternal life and the truth!

Most wiccans live self-centered lives and many are very lonely. God is real and they practice that which they do not truly understand. These “energies” are really entities and they control the wiccan in ways that they are blinded to. Check out Dean’s Testimony on youtube and you will see the truth about wicca.

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um,wicca/pagan beliefs are many years OLDER than christiantiy you know that right infoholic? and what is your definition of narrow mindedness? maybe you should take your own advice and examine the info from the other side. as for the question: im wiccan, have been studing it since I was 14.

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which means if ya do it ya going 2 hell!!! simple dont do it!!

Oh please, you have no proof that your god or hell or whatever crazy stuff you guys have made up over the years exist.

wiccan is another religion, try be more ACCEPTING of other’s beliefs…after all…isn’t that what a good christian will do?

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I am also a beginner Wiccan, who is presently attempting to begin my path. Infoholic, I have run into you before, and it is mainly on Wiccan-oriented posts, if you dislike us so much, why don’t you just stop reading these forums. I don’t hate Christians, my whole family is christian, I just don’t believe everything they have to say.

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Co-existence at the cost of the truth is a travesty! Do truly and carefully examine whatever you seek to believe as your faith/doctrine for there are many deceptions out there. Choose wisely and examine all the information from both sides of the fence so to speak. Your very life depends upon what you choose to believe. Narrow mindedness is often the way to the true and living God! Few that be that find it.

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which means if ya do it ya going 2 hell!!! simple dont do it!!

Answer #9

dont answer it!!!

Answer #10

Ok, tkd0 asked for a description of Wicca. For G-ds sake give him/her a true description.

No, wiccans don’t believe in ‘false gods and goddesses’ neither do they play around with demon energies.

Hmm… how do I put this? Wicca is DIFFERENT from Christianity. Doesn’t mean it is any less real. Be a decent Christian and accept others beliefs please! Maybe that is what gives Wiccans the idea that you guys are narrow minded.

By the way, I have nothing against Christains - my best friend is one, and I’m Pagan (similar to wiccan but not quite).

Answer #11

I don’t understand what you mean by that last sentence, infoholic.

And if that’s what you believe, then I respect that.

Answer #12

Actually infoholic. Satan is a christian figure. Wiccans are not christian so therefore he does not exist

Answer #13

I am actually studying to be a wiccan

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