Why should I let my boyfriend eat me out?

Lately my boyfriend has been asking me if he can eat me out. Im kind of new to all this sex stuff, I dont know why he wants to eat me out. Should I let him?

Answer #1

it is up to you if you want him to then say yes but if you do not want him to then say yes but if you say yes make shore you have shaved the bush be because if you do not he will get a mouth full of heir

Answer #2

He just wants to make you feel good (and it feels great when they know what they are doing, the first time may be a little akward, but what isn’t when it is the first time?)I see a lot in relationships that guys get more pleasure than girls especially when they first start experiementing with it all, but I think it’s good he wants to because a lot of younger guys aren’t ready for that. Just be careful, the first time a guy fingered me he said his finger smelled and I told him DUH it’s called PU**Y haha (only because I knew it wasn’t nasty, I had just showered etc. otherwise I would have been embarasssed)Some guys don’t understand the female body and what is a bad ordor or what is a normal one. After that he felt like a jerk for saying it though and we moved on to more stuff. Hope this helped in making your decision!

Answer #3

Ok ok…do you know that very famous saying “Boys will be boys?” Well that’s exactly what your boyfriend is. Not to say all guys are the same, but the majority are. Remember you are you, and nobody owns you no matter who they are, or what they think. It is up to you to make up your mind if you want to let him in or not. Remember if you choose for him not to, then if he really loves you, he would respect your decision without getting angry.

Answer #4

ohk, well this happen to me 2 weeks ago, & I was all new to this stuff too, that was the first time we actually were sexually active & well he ate me out, & of course I let him, but he just wants to make you feel good, & learn, he wants to learn what turns you on what makes you feel good so that he will know for the future, so that he knows what you like. that’s all, I think you should let him but then again it’s all up to your comfort zone, if you dont like what hes doing then you can always stop him & tell him straight up hey, you know I didnt feel comfortable when you did that.

Answer #5

I’ve had a similar problem I was always a quiet girl then my boyfriend came around:p if you let him eat you out it feels amazing my boyfriend always knew the places and sexy things to do that would make me really wet! When he ate me out put you legs around him or play with his penis he’ll make you even more wet if he ge something out of it too! My boyfriend always fingered me and then licked me and put his tougue in cause that feels amazing! He wants to make you happy especially down there:p after he eats you out give him head or have sex if you’ve already done it! It’ll make him cum and you really wet! Don’t care what it tastes like guys taste weird too!

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