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Please help me! My mom won't let my boyfriend from outa state stay with us!

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My boyfriend and his friend are coming all the way from Louisiana here to Michigan this Summer. Gavin used to live here in Michigan but moved a couple years ago but Nathan's never been to Michigan and doesn't know anyone. I'm 14, Nathan's 14, and Gavin's 15. But Gavin might not be able to come with Nathan this summer so it would just be Nathan here and he knows only me. So there for he would have no where to stay. My mom won't let Nathan stay here with us and he needs a place to stay and I don't know anyone else he could stay with and neither does Gavin. And a hotel cost way to much for the whole summer. How can I talk my mom into letting Nathan stay here with us? We won't do anything and I keep telling her that. Sex is NOT on my mind and besides I want to wait until I'm 18+ to have sex incase something happened. And Nathan is the same way, sex is not on his mind either. He really cares about me and I tell my mom all the sweet stuff he says to me an she says