Why my wife want to stay over at her parents 2 or 3 days everyweek?

My wife and I been married for a month now. We purchase a home together about 6 month ago in LA. Her parents and family live about 30 min drive away. After our wedding she moved in to our place. Since the first weekend after our wedding she stayed over on Friday and Saturday night at her parents. She say she like to wake up and have tea with them. I was thinking it was only for a few weekend. Now it seem like she really planning to doing this for a long time. We talked about this many many time and now she is willing to stay home Friday night but she have the opinion of staying with her parents 3 night out of the week. Is this nornmal ? How long will this last? I asked her that question and she said she doesn’t know. I pushed the question and she reply maybe 5 years. I talked to many peoples and they said the parents shouldn’t allow her to stay over like that. Maybe once every few months but not weekly. Please advice…

Answer #1

If she’s close to her parents and just wants to spend time with them a few days a week, then what’s the harm?

It’s a small sacrifice on your part to keep her happy, and having a few days away from each other could actually keep your marriage fresh and exciting.

Don’t view this as a bad thing…it may be unusual, but it’s not wrong.

Answer #2

if there is one thing I have learn is the more you pressure people to do things the more they will not do it. So just stop bringing up the subject and act casual maybe some day say oh this weekend I want to do this but dont ask her to come with you just get ready and go about your day sooner or later she will get the point that its is with you that she needs to be with

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