What if my boyfriend's parents want a dna test for our child?

I told my b/f that I'm pregnant and he said that he would stay with me no matter what. He told his parents and they said that unless they see a DNA test their son(my b/f) would have nothing to do with me or our baby. My b/f told them that it is his child but they wouldn't listen. what should i do?

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Get the test done, and prove to them, and then if you want to add some fun to it, throw it in there faces. Although, these days it is kinda hard to believe one teenager.

Just do it, and when it is over, they should apologize

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get the dna test and show the proof to his parents so they can stop being paranoid and leave you guys alone. If you are sure he is the father, get it anyway, and if not speak to your boyfriend and really get his answer, because most guys would say that, make sure he means it and if you are ready for the baby in terms of education , school , wealth, etc. then all i can say is

good luck, - Luis

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get the test just like netizen said

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then if you really think is his the do it

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