Why is my flow so heavy??!?

ok so I have had about 8 periods and they ALL were really heavy…and im talking 6-9 tampons a day to avoid leaking, school is terrible and I really want help. Also I feel sick like I wanna throw up and im really pale, my cramps get so bad I almost cry. Is something wrong or am I overreacting?

Answer #1

You should talk to your doctor. Mine were WRETCHED, and it turned out my thyroid is underfunctioning. I also had paleness and severe cramps because of that. Come to think of it, nausea was also another symptom that I had… I would go get that checked out- it’s pretty common and really easy to fix. :)

In the mean time- drink lots of water before and during your period. Staying hydrated helps with the nausea and with the cramps for some reason. Motrin, Tylenol, Midol, and Pamprin all help with the symptoms you’re describing (except for the excessive bleeding). Use a heating pad when you can, and those stick on heating pads when you’re at school. You can double up with a tampon and a pad if you’re afraid of leaks, or you can go for what Ty said, and use those super thick, super long, overnight pads. They work great!

6-9 tampons is quite normal for the first two (maybe even 3 days) of your period depending on how long it lasts. But, certainly after 3 days it should dwindle down. Your doctor may want to prescribe you some birth control, as that helps tone down your periods, but unless you’re sexually active, and if this is just your ‘normal’, a lot of docs want to avoid prescribing BC, as it unnecessarily alters your body’s natural hormones.

*and Trippystarfish? Who on earth told you that? That is the most bogus thing ever! Your periods and your labor have nothing to do with each other besides having the same parts involved. :) Labor depends mostly on the baby- not some odd form of Karmic retribution for the years a girls suffers from miserable periods. ;)

Answer #2

It happened to me, and I got hospilitized. Take your parents into consideration, and you should go consult a doctor.

Good Luck ! :)

Answer #3

No, you’re not overreacting, hunners. It’s just Really bad for some girls. My sister had the same issues. I have good news for you though! Girls that have Horrible periods, have Easy child births, No lie. :-)

Answer #4

Agreed with ty. Get it checked out. My periods used to be so heavy that I ended up with anemia (blood loss). The sick feeling and paleness indicates to me that you might have it as well.

I later found out that mine was just genetic and nothing was wrong however I REALLY SUGGEST that you go see a doctor ASAP to get treated.

Answer #5

You’re not overreacting, those are not normal. And not normal could indicate a problem. You really should consult a doctor. I’ve had bad periods, to the point where they wanted to hospitalize me because I was losing too much blood. And even then mine werent that bad… Also, consider wearing pads instead, or along with the tampon. The always overnight purple ones are great.

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