Don't bleed as heavy as my mom and sister, is it normal?

I started my period last month and I dont bleed heavy like my mom and my older sister. is this normal?

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Yes I think Every one's different s yeah I think its normal. but I'm not that sure because im a boy so what do I know

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Often, if your mother bleeds heavily during her period, there's every liklihood you're genetically predisposed to do the same. However, it doesn't always work like that, While you have some of the same genetic traits as your mother, others are different. So yes, it's normal not to have the same kind of periods as your mother.

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let a woman answer- yes your are normal when you start you period they won't be regular anyway one month you may have them the next none. in this time they could be light, hevey, mid flow untill you have them for a while you don't know what your flow will be like if you have any more problems speak to you mum im sure she will help and if you can't speak to her leave her a note some where of she will find it.

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