Heavy flow and blood clots during period

I'm 16 and have always had a hard time when it comes to my period. when I was 13 my period didn't stop for months and I got really bad anemia. I was put on the pill but have recently stopped cause I didn't feel the difference. I still got heavy periods with loads of blood clots. after I went off the pill I didn't get my period for 4 months. when I did get my period it was really light and easy at first but now its getting really heavy. whenever I get up after sitting down I can feel a lot of blood and a big blood clot gushing out. I feel very insecure when I'm out with my friends and hate going out because I usually need to use the bathroom every five minutes. does it have anything to do with drinking cold water or having ice cream during my period? should I go back on the pill? I'd really appreciate any advice or suggestions. thanks a lot!

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I sometimes have very heavy periods and clotting. I was sent for all kinds of tests to rule out anything health related. Everything came back normal, and it was recommended that I take Advil or ibuprofen every 8 hours from the day before my period was to start until the third day of my period - it helped tremendously. I take the dose on the bottle - I will say though that you should make sure all other things are ruled out medically before trying this, and ask your doctor about ibuprofen first just in case. Good luck!

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Hi im 23yo and I've been off the pill for 5mths and just 4 1/2mths after I got my period but its very heavy and each time I get a period its vey heavy and this morning I had to change my pad after 20mins because it was that heavy is this normal?

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I used to be somewhat similar to you. I used to bleed heavy, and have non-stop blood clogs and cramps. Eating ice cream, and drinking have nothing to do with bleeding heavy. It could just be the simple fact that you just bleed heavy. It's normal for a lot of girls. And actually, the pill does help. You should get back on it. I stopped taking the pill almost 7 months ago. My bleeding is not as bad as it was before I started taking the pill, but it's still heavier then it would be if I was on the pill. The pill really helps. And oh yeah, you being off your period for like 4 months, that's normal also. I sometimes don't come on for months at a time, but that's just how my body works! Does that help?

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I agree with kisharenee. But instead of going back on your regular pill, talk to your doctor and tell them that with your old one you were still having issues with heavy bleeding. They may prescribe you a different one with different levels of hormones to help you a little better. As for 'gushing' when you stand up, that's pretty normal for every girl. You could try using tampons to help prevent that feeling. And if your nervous about it leaking, you can use a pad for back up. But definitely talk to your doctor about going on a different pill. They will be able to help you a whole lot more than us on here!


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I am also 16 and recently had a similar experience. try taking 8 tsp of ibuprofen every 8 hours until the bleeding slows. this was recommended to me by my doctor and worked great for me. good luck.

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I am also 16 and recently had a similar experience. try taking 8 tsp of ibuprofen every 8 hours. this was recommended to me by my doctor and it worked wonders. good luck.

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im a 45 yr old women I have very heavy periods four pads every night and that is with getting up three times throught out the night and changinging with heavy bloodclots that go through all four sometimes...if you can advise me in what to do that you be great...

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im 15 and after giving birth to my daughter demetria who is 12 months my period is really heavy I have to change my pad every 10 minutes every time I get up from laying down or sitting there is a gush of blood which makes me dizzy and sick 3 days ago when I was at school I couldnt hear properly and my eyes began to shut flash backs of when I was in labour with demetria keeped going through my head and how I go pregnant is this normal for me please help

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IM 24 ...I started my peroid when I was 15 been irreg. since ... it started like um...I didnt bleed for like every 3 months then 4 then 5... and once I didtnt come on for a year . and now I been bleeding for a year and for the past 5 month I been having blood clot ..everytime I go to the bathroom ...
I been to the dr. and they cant tell me nothing ...im so worried what should I do ???

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Ibuprofen and painkillers make flow worse too....

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this question is useful fro me. Thanks for it

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