Why is my child gets high fever only at night?

My child is five years old. I brought her to her Doctor and was given medicines for tonsilites. During day time she has no fever but at 6 o’clock inthe evening for two days now she’ll begun having fever as high as 40 degree until 6 am the next day.Do you think it is only her tonsilites? please help me.

Answer #1

When you’re sick, you feel worse at night and when you first wake up because your body is resting, so you are more vulnerable, therefore her fever could be higher just then.

Answer #2

I know what you’re going through, I’m a mommy too!! My girls were always sick when they were small. (teenagers now) They both had asthma and they were always getting any little thing that passed by. It seemed the same way with my kids too. I’m not sure why it happens but during the night the fever does increase. During the day their up and about, running and playing if they feel up to it. Then night comes and they’re settled for the night, and they’re not moving, and they’re covered up with warm blankets and warm p.j.’s.. and the fever’s back. It’s normal for that to happen like that. Just keep her near ay night. As a mom I always tried to wrap my girls up to keep them warm, but actually I was causing the fever to increase with all the blankets and warm p.j.’s. So try to remember during the night put her in something thin, and not too many blankets. best wishes

Answer #3

It could be the tonsils that is causing it. I get fever myself when I get it once a year. What medicine did the doctor give you. A syrup with paracetamol in usually works well for the pain and to break the fever.

Answer #4

It may also be that she has an infection? I remember having that when I was that age I had to go to the doctor and it was an infection… But it can also be the tonsils but if it has been more than 2 days I think the best thing to do is go to the doctor just to be on the safe side…


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