I think my 13 year old cousin is getting my 6 year old high

My baby cousin is 13 and I have reason to belive that she is getting him high.They always are hanging out together and she baby sits him then when I get home it smells like weed and he always is tierd. He wont tell me the truth or maybe he is but I dont belive him. I dont know what to do. Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #1

I am not letting her baby sit untill the tests come back.

Answer #2

Yes I cant wait to see whats happing.

Answer #3

I actualy took him in today and were getting the test back three weeks from now. I really do hope that its not true.

Answer #4

Two more weeks to go.

Answer #5

Well thats good your cousin is not giving your six year old drugs.

Answer #6

Thank you every one, How ever my younger cousin is belive it or not aloud to get high. And I think I will take my son for a pee test for safty matters. By the way harley rider Im the parent but this is a very testy issue because I love my cousin to peices but and I cant stirght out tell her I think your giving drugs to my son. But if the test comes out to prove she is doing it I will firer her for sure. I dont go out any more till I get my son tested . Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #7

FIRST fire her as a baby sitter. if my 13 yr old cousin was smoking weed in MY house with MY kid around I would not EVER let her watch my child again and I would have one h$ll of a talk with the parents and MY kid would be taking a over the counter PEE test. Sorry WHO is the PARENT here???

Answer #8

Well being tired is natural for a little kid. My Aunt is friends with this girl who has a 6 year old daughter and she’s always in bed before 8. But just in case, watch them

Answer #9

Well when you find out the truth let me know.

Answer #10

well fire the kid then see how the baby is acting if the baby isn’t always tired then theres your answer

Answer #11

u need to discuss this with the 13 yr olds parents.

Answer #12

find out, talk to her please, I am worried about that kid , good luck, tell us how it goees

Answer #13

well tlk to your cousin

Answer #14

I was a young teen but I leard drugs are not the right way to go.

Answer #15

how do you know what weed smells like lol

Answer #16

I found out that she was not giving him any drugs but she does not baby sit any more any ways.

Answer #17

full cavity search and strip search him and her

Answer #18

I like to be sure so I took my son to the doctor.

Answer #19

your cousin could be getting YOU in to trouble with social services. there was a girl on the new out here -Denver _ 2 summers ago who was getting her 6 year old high and she went to prison. not thtat its you that gettin the child high but if you allow your cousin to continue watch your kid social servies may concider that cfhild endangerment. no to judge trust me I m not judging I just want you to have a heads up

Answer #20

why did you not just go to the drug store and buy a test kit? the results are ready in mintues.

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