Why is my biology teacher being mean 2 me?

It’s like I can never make a good grade in her class when I’m turning in all my assignments. She told me I only turned in 1 even though I know I didn’t. I forgor 2 turn in 1 assignment and she tried 2 send me 2 the office. I was taking notes one day and she started yelling at me that apparintly I was “talking” when I wasn’t. then she told me if I didn’t quit she would move me away from everyone else. She gave me detention one time and my whole family said if I got detention one more time I would have 2 walk home. Whey is she mean and why doesn’t anyone believe me. I got freakin grounded for failing with a 10 in her class and I know I deserve better.

Answer #1

I agree with amy rocks’ - - try very hard, even if you are right now, keep it going. Dont talk to her, when she yells at you just nod your head or something.

Teachers are probably just sick of children -_-

Answer #2

Just try to study harder. And show her your interests. Like for example if she gave you an assinment due in 3 days, try to hand it in 1 day. she will think you care. believe me it works.

Answer #3

I know this is the very last thing you want to do. But go talk to her. Be nice. I know… But do it anyways. Explain that you want to do better in her class. If she tells you that you need to stop talking, and do your assignments, just listen and say you’ll keep that in mind. Ask if there is anything else you can do. Dont argue with her. Dont defend yourself. Dont accuse her of picking on you. Just listen. It’s amazing how perceptions influence things. I know in high school that my grades were probably just a little bit better because my teachers liked me, they know I tried, and I usually did pretty well. So in times when they werent quite sure what I’d written on an exam, they’d ask me to come up and tell them what it was. And they believed me. I’m pretty sure they didnt do that for everyone.

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