Why have Americans changed so much?

What was so different about Americans in the 80’s that they can be easily recognized from Americans Nowadays?If you see two photos of different groups of people one taken in the 80’s and the other let say in 2009~You can differentiate between them easily “APART FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHY”.One thing you might notice is moustaches in the 80’s one.What Facial and Fashion trends has caused this?:)

Answer #1

I think that is just better as time passes everything is going to keep chanching because nothing will ever stay the same. I think there is still some people who do keep you know the look they had before but faund better ways they can look so chanched, is part of our nature.

Answer #2

Well cause we’re most of the times in movies and that’s what I see atleast:)

Answer #3


Sometimes I can’t tell whether a question is bafflingly obtuse or whether it is biting social satire. I’d really like to think this is the later, but I have a sinking suspicion that it is the former.

Fashions are continually changing and always have. The Greeks and Egyptians went through fashion trends, for pity’s sake, so why are you putting all the onus for wanting different styles for different times solely on the backs of Americans? The rest of the world has just as much to do with evolving trends as we do. More, even. We’re mostly consumers, not innovators.

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