How much does it cost to get piercings changed?

I’m needing to get my lip ring changed by a piercer and was curious at the cost for that.

Answer #1

That depends on the piercer. Call ahead of time and ask them so you’ll have an idea as to what you can expect to be paying for it.

Answer #2

my piercer has never charged me to change my jewelry. ask your piercer cause from the sounds of it it’s different at each place.

Answer #3

I don’t know if I were you I would have the piercer still do it because they wouldnt mess with it as much and that can be pretty painful with a new lip piercing. And some places do it for free if you have it done there. And they will probably do it for free if you buy something off them at that point, that’s what I did

Answer #4

It depends on the piercing place. It cost me £2.50 to get the jewellery changed in my tragus, and that was at Blue Banana. It shouldn’t cost too much. I have a lip piercing and they’re very easy to change. If you have a labret, twist the ball off carefully and pull the lip down (or up if you have a monroe piercing) and wriggle the new labret/ring into the hole. If you’re putting a ring in, they’re a little more fiddly but it’s easier if it’s lubricated with saliva. Sounds disgusting but trust me it works. XD

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