Why has my dogs puppie stop growing she was born with no tail?

My pitbull dog had a puppie with no tail and she has not grown she still looks like the day she was born the other puppies are 3 times as big as her .her eyes are open like the other dogs

Answer #1

Have you tried supplementing her food? Giving her a bottle? She may have a cleft palate which makes getting enough milk impossible…she may be just getting enough to survive.

I would take my pup to the Vet…you had to notice that this pup wasn’t doing well within the first week.


Answer #2

A vet is the only one that can give you a precise answer. I would take it to a vet to see whats going on and if it can get help.

Good Luck, hope the puppy gets better.

Answer #3

Have you had her checked out at the vet? Something could be wrong with her.

Answer #4

have you been to the vet?

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