Why do guys shave their pubic hair

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Some usually find it itchy at times and some do it either cause their wife/girlfriend as them to because of the style they want,it's what they like best.

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Some guys think that girls prefer shaved pubic areas
Others find it more comfortable
Others just think it looks better
Its not summet you have to do.
Its just their choice.

Should I shave or trim my pubic hair

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some gys perfer it that way.maybe they feel more comfortable.

After shaving your pubic hair, what if there is stubble?
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it feels nice
its all soft and smooth
and its not all hairy when you touch it

shaved my pubic hair, should I shave up to belly button?

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I have 2 reason I Believe

1. This is an absolute reason for some people, If the guy wanks off.. They might grab their hair and tug on it and its VERY painful

2. Possibility, they believe the girl would prefer no bushy pubic hair.

r girls grossed out by guys havin pubic hair

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