why dont some people tan?

why dont some people tan?

Answer #1

YOU GUYS EVOLVE QUICKLY. Have you not told the rest of the world about your new potato growing methods?

Answer #2

techyrob is correct.

But I also noticed that the more time I spend in the sun (with an SPF) the less easier I burn, most skin types can build up a natural resistance to the sun as well. (it won’t protect you against the harmful rays of the sun - but you won’t get as red)

Answer #3

It has to do with a hormone that is used in coloring the skin called melanin. it is the stuff that makes your skin brown under sunlight, and is most concentrated in African and equatorial persons due to the extreme exposure to sunlight and UV rays. European and northern born persons have the least amount, it can also be a genetic issue where sunlight can kill or cause cancer after one long exposure.

Answer #4

it is just in their genes! people with pale skin and light hair naturally usually don’t tan and people with darkish skin and darkish hair naturally usually do tan! It just all depends on what type of genes a person has.

Answer #5

Im brown I never tan! Its just I live in FL its alwase sunny. I guess I might unknowingly

Answer #6

lol miscegenymiser…

Answer #7

techyrob is indeed correct.

I also know that I lack the ability to tan (I just get numerous amounts of freckles on my arms) and my cousins used to tell me it’s because I have “witch power runnin’ through my veins”. Maybe that has something to do with it, too, but I doubt it.

Answer #8

Or it could just mean you’re wicked Irish. Either/or.

‘Cause there is no sunlight in Ireland. They grow their potatoes by moonlight.

Answer #9


ya and then we party by drinkin guiness with the lepricons while trying to avoide the banshes before we all fight

jeez you know that was fairly stoerotypical you have not seen new ireland we have candels now so we grow them by candelight

Answer #10

God must’ve needed to feel better about himself.

He made a man with bright orange hair… pink polka dotted skin… small endowment… one that suffered 2nd degree burns after 15 minutes of sunlight… and caste him down onto the planet so he and his bronze colored cohorts had some comic relief… schadenfreude style.

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