Why does vodafone not accept my debit card?

Hi, I just tried to order a sim only card from vodafone but I got ‘Sorry, we can’t process your payment using the card details you’ve given us. Please check your card and enter the details again. If there’s still a problem, you could try using a different card to pay for your order.’ Im 15 years old and trying to do it from my very own debit card. Does anyone know the problem?

Answer #1

Maybe it’s the type of debit card you are using (the type of account that you have?). I know that they have problems accepting student accounts sometimes.

Answer #2

its all good I seemed to be able to order the 30 day one, can I have some information on this but?

what happens after the 30 days I want to continue using the contract?

Answer #3

some cards are pains in the arse…

can you order by phone?

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