Why does the Bible talk very little about women?

Why does the Bible talk very little about women?

Answer #1

I dont think it mentions women very much less, but I know that just because of the time the bible was written, people said “men” meaning, every human. example: “Love your brethren as yourself” you know what I mean right? thnx!

Answer #2

I think the reason why is that women were more kind of house keeper at that time so thats why they haven,t really paid attention to that or some one who wrote bible must be male I guess

Answer #3

‘I do not want to take a mans place.. ever…’

That’s fine. But what about the women who do? Although men are generally stronger than women - something to do with size and mascle placement - there are many women I would never dare to annoy. And my (female) tutor at university was the brainiest person I ever met.

Answer #4

By chance I was just reading a list of kings from the Bible. Nearly every entry mentioned the name of the king’s mother and in most cases her mother also. There must be a reason why women have just this particular kind of importance, being rarely among the movers and shakers.

Answer #5

there are women in the bible of course, but it is true that the men are more significant. i am not christian and that is one of the reasons why.

Answer #6

i wonder about that too.. most of the women were either “women of ill-reputation” or gave birth to a famous man even though i do admit there are some women in the Bible that notably accomplished acts of virtue that i try to follow but still there are few women mentioned in the Bible.. guess thats how it is in a man-driven world

Answer #7

There are loads of women in the scriptures. You can get a a book of all the women in the bible and what they did.

Answer #8

I believe in the order that God created that a woman is supposed to submit to a man, the word says that man is the glory of God, and that woman is the glory of man. We have it turned around if we try to do it otherwise. Men are there for our protection, and our covering, and if we treat them like men, they are a wonderful species, if we try to compete with them, we loose something in the process…I am from the old school, no womens lib for me, I am very content in my place as a woman. God can elevate a woman to a high position if he chooses, but, I believe if he does, it will require an humble attitude from her. Provided she is a Godly woman.. I am not talking about unbelievers here, as they follow their own heart and mind, while Gods women try to follow the Holy Spirit. No offense intended, just speaking truth.

Answer #9

Women are taking the day.. in America… but, in biblical times, men were the ones to go forward.. and make a stand…there are many women listed, often times we don’t recognize them, because we aren’t familar with the names… It just was not culturely acceptable back then, for a woman to hold a position like she does today… Jesus elevated women… and they have continued to come forward to this day… They have now just about bypassed men… and I don’t believe this is right… I always want a man to be a man… I have no desire to compete with him… I love being a woman… and I like to be respected as such, and I do not want to take a mans place.. ever…

Answer #10

MINE TOO..I answered this earlier, but my answer is gone for some reason. There are TONS of women in the bible. I even named my daughter after one. :)

Answer #11

It actually does talk quite a bit about women, both the good and the bad. Proverbs 31 is advice from a mother to her son about the type of wife he should look for. The book of Esther contrast two women and how their attitudes altered the course of their lives. The book of Ruth of a woman’s dedication to her mother in law put her in line for blessings. 1 Samuel speaks highly of Hannah, Samuel’s mother and her faith in God. Abigail, the wife of Nabor who saved her husband’s life by being kind to David. That’s just in the Hebrew Scriptures…you should just read it and see…

Answer #12

First, know that women in the Bible are highly regarded, and not second class citizens. Just look at proverbs 31.

Next, remember that nearly all the Bible was written by people in “patriarchal” societies (i.e. Israelites). Patriarchal societies are generally structured according to 1 Corinthians 11:3 which says: “the head of every man is the Christ; in turn the head of a woman is the man; in turn the head of the Christ is God.” So. . . according to this scripture, ALL have a head, and all are responsible to that head.

Hope that helps.

Answer #13

Keep in mind, The Bible was written during a very ‘male dominant’ time period. That’s also why people say God is a man, the father, etc…

Answer #14

Wonderful. You should meet my (ex)wife, or any of the women I am surrounded by.

I suppose you would accept a man’s right to beat you if you deserved it, or maybe if you didn’t but he felt like it. But how would you feel about a really severe beating that put you in hospital?

I would honestly like to hear you answer to this.

Answer #15

they are mostly only mentioned for giving birth to someone important or whatever… something that man could never do at least lol

Answer #16

the Bible mentions women all of the time. Mary, for example was the mother of our Savior. that’s important.

Answer #17

The Bible I read (KJV) mentions women quite often.

Answer #18

Add to the list of women Noah’s wife - Mrs Noah.

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