Does anyone know where to find this in the Bible?

My aunt found out something I didn’t know about in her bible.It was telling why God flooded the world.It said that demons were impregnating human women and they were having giants as babies.The babies were then also demons.Does anyone know where to find this or if she even knows what she was talking about?

Answer #1

Is there any chance that references to ‘non-humans’ who can breed with humans are references to people like Neanderthal Man? Folk-memories of something a very, very long time ago?

Answer #2

Yes, the Bible does indeed say that the sons of god slept with the daughters of men, and the ‘nephilim’ resulted.

It’s comically absurd of course, but people believe it anyway because it’s in an ancient book. Surely the ancients wouldn’t have written down crazy fairy tales!

Answer #3

It would def. seem that God was very displeased with this crossing of the species… and that it was never supposed to have happened. So, with this and the other evil that was going on, God decided to wipe it all out, and start over.

And he is in the process of doing it all over again… in our time.

Answer #4

Yeah this is the same exact talk we had on the phone for like 2 hours.I’m going to look it up.Thankyou mjax1979 : )

Answer #5

Hey I read that!! [sort of] It said that his angel’s in heaven thought that God’s women on earth were pretty [the angles however were’nt houman] they took on human figures and made babies with women on earth. Thust they had giants as babies! As God starter to destroy the world the angels took there original figures and tried to be saved in heaven. God refused them because they sinned. they then turned to satan and became his demon slaves

Answer #6

It’s Genesis 6:1-8, and it’s one of the more mysterious passages in the Bible. It’s not exactly clear to modern scholars what the Biblical authors in Genesis mean when they talk about the “Nephilim”. That they were spawned from intercourse between humans and angels or other supernatural beings is only one theory (and a weird one). Whoever they were, the Genesis account seems to imply they are partly responsible for God’s anger with the world in the days leading up to the Great Flood. I should clarity that I’m discussing this as a legend, not actual history since I believe Genesis to be mythology.

But there definately seems to be a belief among ancient cultures that the earth was once inhabited by a race of giants, or demi-gods. The Greeks have their myths about the Titans, after all. It’s interesting to study the similarities in what these ancient people believed.

Answer #7

Some believe the daughters of man refers to daughters of cain while sons of God refers to those decended for Adams other Children.

Answer #8

I don’t either!

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