Why does my vagina have two things hanging off it

Hi I was just wonder my vagina has to things hanging off it on both sides of my hole where the tampons it meant to go and I've never seen it before on any diagrams or anything and its starting to scare me and it is like the pink stuff on the rest off my vagina but its not on any of the diagrams is it suposed to be there I dont no what to do can someone help me please

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omg dude I havethe same thing no idea what it is tho I just leave it be I dont want to medel with things just now I break or summit lol

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I'm a male in my mid 20s who has been with a fair amount of women since I was 16, let me assure you it is TOTALLY normal. There is no reason at all to worry or be self conscious of that. I would not even refer to it as a problem unless it's just uncomfortable for you personally. One old women even told me she got more pleasure with the large labia and after seeing those Dr. 90210 shows couldn't understand why women wanted to get rid of it. Just my 2 cents, and btw, every vagina I've seen has always been different, fact of life!
Enjoy life, it's to short so don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the moment.

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Heyy Im 17 & I have th same problem I use to be so selfcontious about it but not anymore I have been with many lads and every single one of them have seen it and felt it and they all said how great it felt and looked tbh! men or boys wouldn't care what it looked.. not every penis is the same I'll tell you that now but nothing is at the end of the day, if everyone was the same down there then men would get bored of seeing the same vagina all the time, it makes me feel sexier knowing that, not being different or not normal but we are all noraml just in different ways! P.s I Love my vagina soo should you don't givee a shit. :D peace out!

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hiya all, im 14 and yeah I feel the saame as you all.. mine is hanging down, I thought there was something rong with me... I didnt think it was normal to be onest... I havnt told my mum becfause I find it quite uncomfortable..
im just worried about the fact of having sex when im a bitt older, like what will my boyfriend say :/

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Yes I Have The Same Problem , I'm 16 Years Old, My Mommy Took Me To Her Vagina Doctor , I Forgot What They That Type Of Doctor's Office, But The Doctor Told Me It's Normal & When I Turn 18 , Come Back & They Can Do Surgery & It My Lips To Normal Size .

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to fernamber I want to leave it but it stresses me out and it stops me for having sex even thoguh I havent and thats the reason why because the was a little incident with my ex boyfirend and now im affraid of having sex or doing oralsex or anything like that

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trust me, if a guy is going to sleep with you, the last thing their going to worry about is that you have a "hangy thing" hanging from your vagina. the first person to tell me what this was was A GUY!! so stop trippin because your yound, your gonna mess around anyways. it would make more sense to worry if you did NOT have them :)

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look im am in my twenties and you girls dont need to worry about those type things. I have the same and I spent a great deal worrying when I was younger and there is no reason to. you have to remember that the girls in the magazines have been airbrushed to perfection. half of them dont look like that, all of us are different. I can tell you that guys dont care, well... men dont. if anything they like it better so dont feel bad. there are millions of girls that worry about the same thing but once you mature and realize it is perfectly normal you wont worry any more. just keep in mind, your a real girl... not a fake picture.

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I have the ssame thing and it really worries me.but I just read in the internet that you can go to a gynecologist and they will chop it off. but nooo way that will be painful so I rather stay this way.I have a boyfriendi and I had sex with him manytimes but somehow I still didnt let him see my vagina and now e is suspious that there must be something wrong with your vigana if your not letting me see it properly.I used to think I am the only one with tis problem but now I feel more comfortable because there so many others like me.

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I have the exact same thing,
im not old at all im im scared to be living the rest of my life being paranoid about it..
I have read a lot about it and I guess its normal,
but mine doesnt seem like normal,
its long, a little wrinkly and its purpleish at the bottom because it have low blood circulation.
im so scared that if I do something with anyone then they will tell the whole school and embarras me.
when your dealing with teenagers, they havent had a lot of "action" so they would just completly assume something is wrong with it,
thats why I dont plan on having and sexual intercourse soon.
I need words of wisdom from soebody who had gone through this..

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hi girls, I m a boy, and I would like to assure you from all boys community that yes yes yes, this is normal, you dont need to worry about such thing, just find a boy who love you so much, and start your life with him, dont ever think that if this part is hanging out then its wrong, be happy and respect your own body, you are true gift of god to this earth, respect urself ,respect your body, there is nothign about worry just bcoz of this hanging part, this is normal , normal normal, ok, now just chill, take care

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Oh my goodness.
I thought I was the only one like that! I was so scared to have that because I thought it was different. but I'm not and I don't want to tell my mom because I know she'll freak out and make me go to the doctor so I rather keep it to myself. I also thought they were like testicals before I read this!
Now I know it isn't different and more girls have it.

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It's the labia minora and labia majora. Totally normal.

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wow im a guy and I know. it's the labia minora that hangs down. its perfectly normal.for most girls it may be a little larger or a littler smaller but all the same it's normal abd no guy would think different of you they know its there. unless they have never seen a vagina then tell them this. so yea dont feel scared.

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I have the same problyem im 19 and I always worried about that, so I looked on here today. Now to know that im not alone and this is totally normal makes me feel better about my self. thanks

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I have the same thing!!! im so worried, im 15. but always scared of something happending in the future. I've read lots on the internet and they say its normal but still...atleast it comforts me a little to know a lot of other peolple have it to.

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