itchy, red, and puffy vagina

I am 17 years old.. and I had just got off my period.. this was my first time using tampons and the day I finished my cycle my vagina was itchy.. and about two days later I notcied the lips are puffy.. and swollen.. what could it be?

Answer #1

My friend had the same problem and she went to the doctor bout it and they said she was like allergic to them or something and couldnt use them that might be your problem

Answer #2

It could be because it was your first time using a tampon, or there is this thingy you get from using tampons. It could be that, and if that’s the case you should not use them again. There should be a little pamphlet thing in the box of tampons and it says what the thingy is, and how to use them. Look at it…maybe that can help you.

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