What is that thing blocking my vagina with a little dangaly thing?

There is some weird thing in my vagina with a lttle dangly thing hanging down what is it?

Answer #1

its your labia lol its normal. if you have sex and they get pulled or tugged on they can strech and become a little longer than they use to be and sometimes the one side can be longer than the other. but its normal lmao

Answer #2

It could be several differt things.

By how you explain it I’m gonna guess its your Hymen.

The hymen can take many different shapes. IT falls under several different categories. There is the Annular Hymen, Parous Introitus, Cribriform and the Separate Hymen.

I believe you have what is called a Separate Hymen. All girls have hymens and they do eventually break.

Answer #3

As far as I know the hymen doesn’t dangle. I’m guessing that it is your labia. That can sometimes be slightly extended.

Answer #4

It’s called the Labium.. More info in the link.


Answer #5

Part of your vagina? its normal.lololol.

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