Why does my cat bite me then lick me?

Haha, my cat will bite me like crazy and then stop, and then lick me like crazy, and then do it over again. Why is this??

Answer #1

Well the biting is just playing. And if it hurts the cat can always tell so it will lick you to say “hey sorry I hurt u!” sweet right?

Answer #2

Beacuse you taste like mice.

Answer #3

just so you know..using a laser pointer to “play” with a cat can cause serious and life long problems. as odd as it sounds laser pointers are known to cause devestating mental problems in cats and dogs. I would consult a vet before playing with the pointers.. just friendly advice.. as for the biting and licking..your cat is just playing and showing affection..if its hurting you dont hit it or touch him/her physically when you punish them. otherwise the cat will think that you are going to hit it everytime you come near it.

Answer #4

She’s playing with you.

If it hurts (and you probably shouldnt encourage it anyways) firmly say no, pull your finger away and ignore her for a bit…

Answer #5

Thats just how cats play. Ya its a little weird. but they are so fun. You can realy have some fun with a laser…hahaha

Answer #6

mine do that. it’s showing it’s playing and doesn’t mean to hurt you.

Answer #7

itsz because yur cat is showin yuh love lolsz

Answer #8

haha ommg I tried that my cat loves the lazer heheh

Answer #9

Haha, one of mine does that to. I think its so funny.

Answer #10

Its just playing with you and showing you some luvin, my cat does it too, shes a funny little thing.

Answer #11

My Cat does it too but he dont try to hurt me just sayin he loves me!

Answer #12

It’s because cats have to unlock they jaw before they can get they tongue out,and when cats lick someone it’s a sign of affection.

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