Why does my brownies keep coming out rubbery?

I use the instructions it says on the box, I put the right amounts and everything. They keep coming out with this rubber like texture. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Heeelp me! Lol. I'm not a bad cook. Trust me.. I can cook... maybe just not brownies. I feel horrible! D:

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u probablly mix the starch or whatever for too long

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yeah sometimes that kind of brownies come up awful just buy betty crocker and then try them like he said its not you its the stuff in the box

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Yeah, it's not you it's the crap in that box. Look for a home-style recipe from your mom or someone. It's a bit more work, but your results will be awesome!!

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Haha I think so. I did the Betty Crocker one once they camed out fine then my mom got some more.. but they wasn't betty crocker and well. . they camed out rubbery. I'll try that. Thanks. Lmao my brothers are eating them right now laughing at me. Hahahahahaha losers. Lol

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lolz aaw dont worry. its probaly the brand. get another brand and see if it comes out the same way. I remeber my sis pancakes used to turn out like that, but that was the brand shed buy and they tasted horrible.

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well they shouldnt be coming out rubbery if you use the write ingrediants and the write heat and just give it a shot

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lolz. change the brand I suggest

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