How do you bake brownies without making them hard?

When I bake brownies and cookies they come out of the oven nice and soft but once they cool down they get hard.. how do I prevent this?

Answer #1

When you check them and you think that they need a couple of more minutes, take them out right then. It sounds like you may be leaving them in there just a little to long. Every oven is different so you can’t always go by the exact baking times listed on recipes or the boxes.

Answer #2

Don’t leave them to linger in the oven after they are done. You must immediately take them out. Next after they have cooled off place aluminum foil over the pan or you can cut them up in pieces and put them in a large ziplock bag. They should stay moist until they are gone. In my house they are gone the same day so no worries here . LOL :)

Answer #3

Bake them in the MIDDLE of the oven, and make sure they get enough cooking time.. :]

Answer #4

As long as you cooked them the right length of time, if you reheat them, they should soften up quickly enough. :)

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