Mommy does milk come from cows?

Ok as you all do know milk does come from cows, but what most people dont know is what is in the milk that matters. What is in milk now these days is hormones that keep the cows body thinking it needs to produce more milk. So even though they do filter the milk, they sometimes dont always get out all those yummy hormones you take in. Also that these hormones can lead some (possibly not proven yet!!) cancers. The fact that they are loading these poor cows with hormones to make their body think they have to produce more milk.

Could this be animal abuse? Do they really need to give the cows hormones to make milk?

Answer #1

You’re a dork ducky man… how is that animal abuse… your a farmgirl you should know…lol

Answer #2

ha cows funny guess who

Answer #3

I did know about this, and it made me feel sick to my stomach. I buy organic now, it claims there are no hormones given to the cows, and that the cows are free-grazing.

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