Why does it sting my lips after kissing my girlfriend?

When I kiss my girlfriend (best thing ever) I'm fine but awhile after my lips sting. Could it be from chapped lips or something? Input helpful thanx:)

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Could be. Sounds like you get a LOT of lip action :) I remember, way back when I first kissed my boyfriend, it went on for 20 minutes, we had a five minute breather and then went back to it for another 30. When he left, my lips were dry as hell.
Either that, or you're allergic to her :P Kidding! Just make sure you use a lip balm or something, like when you go to bed, smother your lips in the stuff, and they'll be smooth as anything by morning. :) OR, When you're brushing your teeth, to stop them getting cracked, after you've spit and rinsed your brush, run it over your lips - takes away dead skin. Hope it helps! -D. xox

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I'll bet you she's wearing some sort of plumping lip gloss or balm. The plumping stuff stings like hell.

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