How do i get my girlfriend to kiss me?

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Don't force her,that will push her away and not bring her close,when you both KNOW the time is right,the kiss you both want will come.

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Dont force her too and if its her first time of kissing a boy go slow or maybe a peck on the lips or cheek then maybe when she feels a bit more comfortable go in for a snog but REMEMBER dont rush her


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kiss her on the cheek first; you've got to work your way up.

Girlfriend kiss
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as you say bye to her ask her for a kiss??

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when you say Bye Hug Her and Wait for a while think bowt your next move while your huggin her and den look at her in the eyez and she will eventually kiss you on your cheek and after a few times you do this she might wanna tongue/french/snog you But don't Force er 2 or Rush er 2

Have Fun :) = Mohammed Hussain Patel Leicester Crown Hills.

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