Why does it still hurt having sex?

Right like every girl when I lost my v it hurt like most girls it does and I done it with my ex 3 times and my new boyfriend 21-22 times and it still hurts and after sex when my boyfriend fingers me he says your still tight , why is this , should it still hurt or is it because im naturally tight or is hia penis to big for me ??

Answer #1

it’s posibel you’re just tence. how long is there betwean you haveing sex? if it’s a wile like a fortnight it could be that if not perhaps he is a littel large but vaginners are made to be abel to ajust. if you’re woried and aspecialy if you’ve had unprotected sex you should go to your doctor and talk to them about your consurns.

good luck

Answer #2

well make sure your boy is making you wet enough before you guys do it

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