Why does it still hurt the second time I had sex?

On tuesday I had my fiest sex with my boyfriend.. Its was soo painfull I was even crying I lost my virginity.. Butt yestrday we try it again and it still hurts me a lot I don’t know why.. Could someone tell me the reason and how long it will take I dont want to have no more pain

Answer #1

You are probably breaking your hymen and that’s what the pain is because really sex is very pleasurable.

Answer #2

yea usually it does hurt the first few times but try a different position. with my first time it really really hurt but the second time we tried a position where he sat in a chair and I sat on top of him and when we did that it felt much better and it didn’t hurt me because I was controlling how deep he could go in.

Answer #3

you will have pain the 1st few times you have sex. thats just the way it is

Answer #4

durrr it’s gonna hurt the first few times hun

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