Why does it hurt to think about my girlfriend?

Before we started to go ut , when I first et her she told us (me and my friends) she wasnt virgin that she did it in her exs house. She also said that her ex hurted her a lot his name is charly and she doesnt give me any photos of her because she thinks I might make porno like her other boyfriends , she doesnt trust me!!! and she says she does. She just moved to this town and she broke up with her ex. She always makes me jeolus and in class I told her ima leave her for my friend when I was jk , and she said she will call charly , and I told her what , she anwsered calm down hes just a friend and she has told me she is a virgin. She likes to have guy friends which isnt bad at all but she is very jeolus. I havent kissed her yet it sucks its been 6 minths and shes still with me , I mean personally I have f!$cked up with her sometimes , I have tried to kiss her but I cant find the special place. She is beutiful I would die for her , I love her a lot and well when I think of her I get sad and try to look for an anwser , I than think of her ex , if he and she really had sex , she misses her old town and speaks about a lot of guys who are her friends , supposly and she has gon over there recently and when she got back she one day told me , if you go with me over there I woldn look like your girlfriend … practicly I wouldnt be it. on her msn she puts how ever forget what once mad you happy . I don’t know BUT ITHink im going insane , idont know what to do , im scared if she still talks to her ex , im scared of her past it just kills me … I need help please!

Answer #1

I know that there are two sides to this story. I can tell you that right off the bat. I also have to appoligize because I could not understand parts of what you were saying, but it does sound like she doesnt respect you like her past boyfriends. I would suggest two things. stop waiting for a special place to kiss her. because trust me.. I’ve been in your position and there is almost never a special place. make it something simple like in your room, in the family room, when you are going for a walk, or something like that. because that way, maybe she will start seeing you a little differently. she is human (and a female) and most humans (especailly females) like kisses. if you were to kiss her, she will see that you have confidence. she will see that you’re romantic and want to move your relationship forward. no offence, but I am honestly surprised that she has not broken up with you yet because of the fact that you have not kissed her. a lot of girls would have by now. here is my second suggestion. you have to show exactly what you just wrote here to her. no matter what you think the ‘consequences’ may be. this will lay everything out on the table. I gaurantee that it will work best for you. 1) she will either be honest with you and tell you everything you want to ehre so you guys can move on, or 2) she will be unhappy that you think this and she will break up with you or make you feel really guilty and stay with you (making you feel guilty will basically make you whipped if you stay together, and you do NOT want that). number 2 is not a bad thing. because as pretty, and perfect as she is to you, she is not worth it. if she really dissagrees or does not like what you have to say, you deserve better. you can find someone else who is just as pretty, just as perfect, and will respect what you have to say (and wont make you worried like you are now). I was in a relationship where my girlfriend did not like what I had to say. I had an opinion and I was wrong every time. she did the guilty method. she had me whipped. it took a long time for me to finaly say that I had enough and break up with her. it was very difficult, but it was worth is beyond belief! so don’t worry. if you show this to her, good will come out of it no matter what. it may not be good instantly, but it is better to have pain now and good in the future than anything else. good luck and I hope I helped! =)

Answer #2

you know what you need to do? tell her everything you just said in this blog. you have to let her get a little into your head so she knows what she’s doing to you. if she can’t understand that then maybe it’s not mean’t to be.

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