Why does it hurt my girlfriend so much the first time we TRIED to have sex?

My girlfriend and I decided that we were going to try to have sex, (first time for us both). As I was entering her the pain was to much for her to handle. Why is that? We both know tha there is supposed to be a little pain the first time but it was too much for her to take. It also hurts her if I finger her too long or give her oral too long. Is this connected? Please help.

Answer #1

she juss might b really tight and that hurts lika bixch

Answer #2

I suggest to make her really wet so that it won’t hurt her. tell her to let you know if he feels the pain.. and if she does then just stop for a while and just try to rub her clit. it works for me the first time.

it also helps me that after my guy and I had sex, everyday that we see each other he fingers me all the time. she’ll get used to it

Answer #3

It hurts for all the girls the first time they have sex. some feels more pain than others, some may not find it uncomfortable at all. If you want you can ask your girlfriend how much it hurts, if she wants you to change how you take her etc. Try to respect that the pain she feels is too much for her.

Answer #4

Some girls are tighter than others. Lubrication may also be an issue here. Make sure she is properly aroused and maybe consider using lubrication. Also, maybe try 2 fingers and then 3 fingers before trying to have sex again.

Answer #5

ok its gona hurt no matter what but like ty said finger her make sure she is really wet and when you enter don’t stop cause want you start going it will fell really good

Answer #6

All girls are different…for some it hurts like hell,..and otheres it doesn’t hurt at all…try getting her REALLY wet before you do anymore sex..a lot of forplay ;)

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