why do we have to die? just to make room for new people?

its all in the question title. why must we die? thanks xxx

Answer #1

Only God knows the answer to that - you’ll be able to ask Him one day - in the meantime, keep your faith and trust in Him strong !

Answer #2

That is the way of life on planet earth. We live and we die.

However, to the Christian, and to anyone that wishes to accept the Christian faith, God promises that we will live again. That our spirits will be resurrected and we will be given a new body, then, we will be allowed to live with God, forever more. All sorrow and pain and suffering will have passed away, and we will walk in the joy of the Lord, continually.

The bible shows us what that new body will be like. Jesus received one, after he was crucified. It is very interesting to read that story, and actually see what God has in store for us.

Answer #3

We die because evolution’s done with us (simplistically). Once we’re too old to reproduce, and we’re likewise too old to help our descendants survive, our survival has no impact on evolution, so there’s no reason it would improve our ability to survive longer.

As medical science as advanced and allowed people to live longer and longer, we’ve come across more and more “diseases of the elderly” - diseases and disorders that mostly effect people who, were it not for medical science in the first place, most likely wouldn’t be alive anyway. Diseases such as altzheimers, parkinsons, many cancers, etc. It’s a testament to medical science that we’ve gone from struggling to survive long enough to reproduce to the point where we have the luxury to try and tackle diseases that affect mostly the elderly.

Answer #4

they could be talking about any God

Hehhh… no… not in this case…

Answer #5

Nobody said she was Christain, they could be talking about any God, but according to the Bible, we die because we are all sinners.

Answer #6

That’s is true.Could you imaging a world where we didn’t die.It would be way to many people.And death is a good that because it brings and end to suffering.I know I wouldn’t want to be sick and just linger.

Answer #7

We have evolved to live long enough to successfully reproduce. Since viruses adapt to overcome our particular immune systems over the course of our lives, there is no advantage to eternal youth - the viruses will kill us anyway.

As a poignant example of rapid virus evolution overcoming our immune systems, thats the mechanism that causes HIV to turn into AIDS.

Answer #8

Ok so I’m a bit lazy to find sources but here I go. Also I am not religious.

I think of evolution as an ongoing process of life, to ensure survival of life. Not just a particular species but life itself. Say, if a species dies from a virus. Well guess what? Now the virus has life but not the species it killed. So there is still much life around.

So to answer your question, I believe we die for evolutions sake.

Answer #9

If that were the case… we’re waaay behind in the death-department.

Answer #10

ask God that. ((“we’d be way to crowded and smushed together” is what he might say))

Answer #11

Its not just humans, were pretty much taking over other species and wildlife thanks to our hands and brains to make car parks and buildings on land that would normally be used by other species. So while our population increases, other populations decrease (e.g. bears, tigers, deer etc)

I just have a strong view on this lol

Answer #12

Who said she’s Christian?

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