Why do I get dizzy??

So last month I gave my mom a scare when I turned pale and got dizzy. It was during my menstrual cycle too. After that I threw up. What is wrong with me??

Answer #1

Sounds like you could have iron-defiency anemia. It causes fatigue, a weakened immune system and can cause you to faint and the symptoms are worsened while on your period. It’s easily diagnosed by a blood test and easily treated with iron supplements. So go to the doctors to get checked. It could also be that you’re not eating enough or not eating enough of the rights things. Personally I find that if don’t eat enough protein (dairy and meat products are the best source) I get very faint and also if I have caffine from something like cocacola I get very shaky. However, fainting is very common in teenagers as your hormones are all over the place so it’s probably nothing to worry about especially if you had been standing for a long time and/or it was hot. Hope this helps x

Answer #2

Some people get symptoms like that during their periods, it’s not uncommon. but I suggest speaking to a doctor to test you for an iron deficiency.

Answer #3

try taking iron pills, that might help.

Answer #4

If you arent eating enough calories a day,your body gave you that reaction.Maybe Trauma,stress,food poisoning…

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