Why do I get dizzy when I look around?

hey…it seems like almost every time I stand up and look around I get dizzy for a few sec…mostly when I look to the left or right…it doesnt happen too much while sittin…but I have bad allergies so…what do yall think it is…is it life threating?

Answer #1

Could be low blood sugar especially if you get up really fast so just try to get up slower

Answer #2

Yes, I would consult a doctor. Sometimes something like this is because of getting up and moving quicker than the body can comprehend. This has happened a couple times to me when my alarm clock goes off and within a second of it going off I’m over there turning it off and sometimes I get that dizzy feeling because I did it faster than my body actually was able to. Good luck! ~Alanna

Answer #3

I would see my Dr and get a proper diagnosis…I wish you the best !!

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