Why do I feel this way?

Why do I feel this way? I can never seem to be happy… I cant concentrate on a lot. And I forget things that have happened minutes befor.I get irratated very easly. I never feel like talking to people or making plands to do things. Or if I do I never go through with them. I sleep a lot more. And I always feel alone and empty. I feel weighed down by my life, but my life is perfact. I cry over very simple things. And I really need help. I dont want to feel this way. Could someone tell me what could be wrong with me… Im only 13 so I know it could be hormonal but im very matchure for my age and I dont feel as if its just hormones

Answer #1

It looks like you are getting depresse. Sometimes our lives can be perfect but sometimes even little things can make us depressed. Alsothere might be something that you don’t even know about, Just reach deep in to your hart to all your feelings, write them all down and go over them what is mskijng you feel this way?

Alo telling somebody about this feelings helps, sometimes you just are in need of someone and just you know need to get it out just get things off your chest.


Answer #2

god. kids need to get a grip.

everyone feels shit sometimes.

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