Why do i feel like i have to pee way before i orgasm?

Well when I tried to get fingered, I felt the strong urge to pee, but it wasnt when his finger was way in, it was right at the beginning. Before his finger got even a centimeter deep, somehow the pressure made me feel like I had to pee really badly. Is that normal to feel that way so quickly? How can I get that to stop, or how can I overcome it?

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It's normal. Don't worry about it. Just go pee before things start getting heavy. It's normal to have the sensation to need to go pee but if you fight through it for a moment it'll go away.

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i know what u mean. that also happens to me. i always try going before things start because then ill end up peeing myself. just go before r try to hold it in and ill go away

Everytime I get horny I feel like I have to pee, why is that?

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