Why do girls nowadays wear booty shorts?

Why do girls nowadays wear booty shorts? I feel that those shorts are uncomfortable although they do not have that thing sticking out like us guys do.

Answer #1

I don’t know ; I dont ; I personally dont need half of my a$$ sticking out ; or my thighs … so I whare bermuda shorts… heheh .

Answer #2

dey trying to show dey butts but wats da point dey all look lke hookers when dey do that (no offense 2 any of yall out dere:it’s just my opinion)

Answer #3

because they want to

Answer #4


Answer #5

I wear short shorts because htey are comfortble!

Answer #6

because most guys expect girls to put off and if they dont they’re not cool

Answer #7

bacause they is cool

Answer #8

I LOVE SHORT SHORTS AND I AM TOTALLY NOT A HOOKER. I just think they are way comfertable and cute so yeah.

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