Why do girls get wet/horny?

Ok I really wanna know why they get horny and wet and stuff..yea ik they squirt. Why why do they get wet? Like I really wanna know…u know?

Answer #1

I meant physically “wants” sex lol. I used the wrong wrong wording haha

Answer #2

haha thanks..its just my girlfriend gets like really wet. like when we text she is like im so wet rite now. im like ok lol..she says it a lot…so I guess I shld fck her than..haha..thx btw..pce

Answer #3

girls get wet when they are aroused it’s are natural lubricant and that means that it is ease to slide a penis in her vagina without hurting her

Answer #4

Girls get wet, because they get sexually aroused. Before you have sex you get aroused, and get wet, so that sex doesn’t hurt. If you were dry sex would hurt. you get wet so that it is easy for the guys penis to slide into your vagina.

Answer #5

This is our nature, that is our body, is our reactions to manny our body wanting something. Ussually when a girl gets wet is that she wnant’s to have sex, or she is horny her body is in need of sex. Like when a guy eregecs it means it has had plesure and such.

Answer #6

‘Wet’ is the girls’ equivalent of ‘hard’ to a boy.

Civicgnome is right, except that it doesn’t necessarily mean she WANTS sex, just that her body is preparing in case she does have it. Hopefully you will wait a couple more years before F*ing (and condoms when you do!)

‘Squirting’ is a completely different thing, and only 3-5% of women do it, and usually not until they are older. It is NOT the same as orgasming.

Good Luck!!

Answer #7

its actually because its supposed to be a natural lubricant believe it or not. when a girl gets wet she wants to have sex, just like when a guy gets an erection, accept when a girl gets wet its so that a penis can slide in easier. so like I said its just a natural lubricant. and really I feel super weird writing this.but have fun with your new found knowledge ma man. =P

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