Why do girl get periods?

I dont get why girls have to go throw all this bleeding once a month and boy only have to go throw wet dream once a year I hate it so why duz it only happen to girls

Answer #1

Wet dream once a year??? More like once or twice a week…I don’t think guys mind it either, making love to the girl of their dreams is a good thing.

There are reasons for girls having their periods once a month…I can’t answer that one without researching & refreshing my memory.

Answer #2

because o your egs…one of them gets released once a month to prepare for a baby…if semen dosnt come into contact with it a baby wont come so the ueterus will shed its lining…and prepare again next month and so on. it can suck but it happens to almost every girl… also boys can get wet dreams even up to 3 times a day…it varies foor everyone. guys have a lot of things going on with them too during puberty. youd think its a one way street but its not…both boys and girls go through things that they dont like

Answer #3

just think of it his way we get our periods but they have to deal with our mood swings and all the crap we put them through at the time

Answer #4

if girls didn’t have periods they couldn’t have babies…simple.

Answer #5

I know… and we never stop asking that either. But when we marry them we make them go and buy our thingy’s… lol, thats payback.

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