Why do Christians think they are better than everyone else?

One thing that really annoys me is when Christians start with their “believe this or perish” uptight condacending way of talking. Why don’t they just let everyone believe whatever they want without trying to PUSH their beliefs on everyone? I don’t really care what you believe, just as long as you allow me to think whatever I want. No matter how many times or in how many different ways you try to make me believe what you do, I will only believe what I choose to believe.

Answer #1

That’s a mighty Large brush you like to paint with - I wonder why all people in San Francisco feel they’re superior.

Answer #2

A Christian is simply a sinner saved by Grace - no better or no worse than anyone else - they strive to please the Lord in all that they say and do - not always successful but they try - if they sin/do wrong they know if they repent, Jesus is faithful and just to forgive and no, this does not give one free-reign to do as they please - they are well aware, they are not their own, they have been bought with a price - Jesus sacrifice on the cross…Hope this helps !!

Answer #3

The difference between Christianity and religion is Christianity based upon a relationship with a living saviour and his atonement upon the cross, paying the price for sin. It is a gift you have a choice either accept or reject. God won’t make you accept Him, however he does offer the free gift of salvation to all. A gift isn’t a gift if you have to earn it.

Religion, however is based on what you do to gain merit or favor with your god. Keeping tradition or ritual practices. These are all man made ideas. Adam and Eve in the garden after they sinned created the first form of religion, they sewed fig leaves together and tried to cover their nakedness (sin), but if you will read God sacrificed a lamb and covered them himself with a coat of skin. Only He could cover (clean, forgive) their sin.

As far as Bible thumpers, I guess I am guilty of taking the Bible to people and sharing the word. If you had a cure for aids would you keep it to yourself or would you share it with the world? The Bible has the cure for sin and I will keep on sharing it. If you choose to reject it I won’t keep sharing it with you. Jesus said to shake the dust off your feet and move on.

Answer #4

Well this is just my opinion. I feel that a lot of people feel that they are better than others, not just christians. From my own experience I will tell you how I feel then maybe it will show you that it maybe not totally what you are seeing. With being a christian you can ask Him to relieve you of stresses and when you can’t take it anymore then you can ask him to “carry you” like in the footprints poem. With me I can take loads of stress off with that alone. So that makes me more comfortable and relaxed. When you are a christian you are never alone, you can talk to Him at anytime, you can ask for forgiveness. So those things make you confident in yourself and I can see where you would take it in some cases to be thinking they are better than everyone else. But like I said a lot of people, not just christians act like they are better than everyone else.

Answer #5

But at least blind faith, extremist, hardcore Christians don’t fly jets into sky scrapers. That being said, I find them rather easy to tolerate.

Answer #6

I think it’s the same with every rampant follower of any religion…you get zealots in some, and more mild followers in others.

I firmly believe that faith is a beautiful thing. Generally speaking, though, religion is a horrible thing. If there is a diety, did they intend for you to go through another human being to reach them? Nope. :)

Answer #7

First off

I apologize on be half of Christians every where for any christians that have made you feel like that.

I will tell you right now there not real Chiristians because we arent suppose to judge.

Second Im really sorry but NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING!!!

no one has control over your mind but you not even the blood sucking FAKE christians

Some christians on the other hand like me are dissappointed because I know how much God loves you and how many great things he wants for you and how much your missing out on but I would never make any one feel like they are less then me or refuse to talk to sum one because they dont have the same beliefs my friend she is gay and I have NEVER said anything to try and cvhange her

Answer #8

Well, I hate to tell you but, I’m a Christian and I don’t go around preaching to anyone; please don’t say we all do it, because obviously you are wrong. Thank you. :)

Answer #9

eleni - truly a great answer! I am saddened by the discussion during the elections regarding religion, who is christian, who is not and so on. many of the greatest leaders in american history did not feel the need to expound on their religious beliefs. lincoln, jefferson… wonderful comeback, amblessed…it is the equivalent of “oh yeah” this country seems to be suffering under a christian epidemic and unfortunately the loudest, pushiest and most obnoxious get the press. there are many, many christians who do not behave in a condescending manner and do not believe that the end of every discussion should be that you are going to hell if you don’t agree with them. but you know how it goes…the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Answer #10

I’m a christian, but I agree with you to an extent.

Christians DON’T think they’re better than everyone… at least the REAL christians don’t. BUT we DO know our way of life is the right way of life. but there is a difference…

And as for the whole pushing our beliefs on everyone… That discusts me that christians do that… and I think some do it because they don’t know any other way…

Please don’t judge EVERY christian because some are idiots.

Answer #11

If you knew that someone was going to die tomorrow because they were going to be hit by a train and you knew it for sure, what would you do about it?

A Christian who actually believes the Bible believes that those around them could die at any time and that when they do they will spend eternity in punishment. They also believe that they have the answer.

So they’re morally obligated to make sure that you know the change that has happened in their lives.

So you have to view it from the Christian perspective. To give up, to not share their faith, means either they are ambivalent, do not care about your life, or are just lazy.

Personally, if I was going to die tomorrow I’d want to know.

Answer #12

It’s a “people” problem - not a Christian problem. Some people are so insecure that they have to tear down others in order to feel good about themselves. Some do that under the guise of religion, others politics, other geography. Some do it under no pretense at all - they’re just generally cruel.

As for those people who want to try to legislate their religious beliefs (particularly in the U.S.), I think most of them are misguided or ignorant about American history. As a person who is ignorant of many things and probably misguided at times, I see no reason to get too angry at them.

Answer #13

I really did not mean to say it that way, but I could think of no other way to put the entire point of my post into one line.

Answer #14

Is the human brain programed with a need to believe? Is religious thinking genetic? This is what some scientists say they have found proof of.

See the following links:



Answer #15

Many thanks for the christian voice of moderation on here stopandsmelltheroses,

Generally it is the christian zealots that often post the responses and therefore the view we see from the christian perspective.

However, those type of posts often serve to frighten people and make them angry of christianity.

Its a bit like the Ku Klux Klan being allowed to represent the christion majority.

Many thanks for the voice of reason, I would be far more likely to read posts like yours.


Answer #16

odal, great point - not all Christians do that.

However, what’s interesting to me: the only religious door knockers I’ve had in my neighborhood all had a bible in hand. Fancy that.

Answer #17

Excellent point minthegap !!

Answer #18

I agree with your question. but I’d rather not comment.

Im sick of christians who think its bad to do this and this, yet we know it but it doesnt mean they can keep lecturing us. Everyone to there own.

Answer #19

because they are INSECURE. They are threatened by anyone who sees the world a bit differently than they do, or, is more worldly and traveled than they are. I am a Christian, I am also very open and liberal. Many of my “own kind” are repulsive to me.

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