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Why cant social services let things lye and let us get on

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My partner and his ex partner had a fight she kicked him bust his leg open ect he then slaped her there was a baby there who was in a different room and did not see anything he was fast asleep na I have been with my partner for some time now he never dont anything to hurt me or my babys probation say he a high risk so now social services say thtat he is not allowed around my children this as been going on for months now we want to be happy as a family and be together but they wont let us I dont no where to go or what to do next please help us to be happy ,, they have asked my children what they think of my partner and they told em they love him but still no better for us ,, I have never been involved with social services apart from when I took in a child that was bein beat by her mum had her for years and no she as her own family they was not bothered about her ,, just to say I have known my partner for years so when they tell me he is a risk I tell them I dont think he his I known hin for 18 years or more he always come to my house and been a part of my family