Why arent I getting the flat stomach?

Hey.. so basically. I workout EVERYDAY. I am an athlete… my stomach is OK. but I want it thinner! I run everyday (while im working out) and I do 200 crunches.. if not, more.. so please help.. I do eat healthy! and I do spinning classes and everything

Answer #1

I suggest maybe more crunches and less calorie intake eat the right foods that will give you more energy and help you to work out longer for example foods high in protein I hope this helps

Answer #2

well, you are eating heathy as you are claiming and you work out everyday.. well either you are losing fat everywhere around your body and leaving your belly fat for last, or maybe you are not eating as healthy as you think??

Answer #3

I heard that if you properly hold in your stomach for 10mins or more everyday it eventually gets rid of your stomach fat… also if you make your hands really really warm and rub your belly it aparantly kills fat cells and makes your belly smaller… but from the person they said that holding in your stomach works much better and you can do things whilst doing it. cut out nearly all sugars from your diet.. hardly any fats

Answer #4

im a cheerleader, and im active alll the time, I recently had knee surgery and was out for 4 months and from sitting around all the time a layer of fat got over my abs and this thing called a “fat pack” at the bottom of my stomack formed lol. but something that causes that really bad is if you wear your jeans low and there tight, your stomach will go over your jeans, so when I get home from school I put shorts or something on and pull them up over my “fat pack” and it has gone away!! hope this helped!

Answer #5

I dunno but it could be all in your head but you just dont know. thats what happens when you try too hard

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