Why are my kids so tall?

My wife is 5ft 7in and I am 5ft 4in. My oldest daughter is 5ft 11 and 16 my second daughter is 5ft 10in and 15 My third daughter is 5ft 2in and 11 how tall will she be.

Answer #1

They have you and you’re wives genes in them. Not only that, but some of you guys’ family members could have been tall as well, it’s a big possibility.

Answer #2

It is probably a recessive gene that showed up. (Like the fact that identical twins skip a generation, red hair, curls) something that was/is in one of your distant relatives, or even in past generations. Genetics is very tricky that way. You should be happy they are so tall. Hopefully they can use it to do great things. (I am 5’2” so I would have loved to be that height, lol) Hope I could help…

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