Is it true that if a man has big hands and feet it means he has a big p****?

Is it just a myth or is this true

Big hands +Feet= Big penis

I dont have a sick mind I just wanna know if thair is any truth in this ?!

Answer #1

its not true my hubby has really small hands… (just a tad bigger than mine) and he is a size 8 in trainers but in the trouser department well lets just say he is well more than equipt so it is just a myth jo x

Answer #2

Someone actually tested this. They conclusion was that there is no correlation between hand and foot size to penis size.

Answer #3

My mom told me about that and she says it’s true and she knows that from personal experience lol so I’d say it is true most of the time

Answer #4

hahaha this is funny…

Answer #5

Its not always true. It can be, but not always.

Answer #6

I don’t think there’s really much of a correlation.

Answer #7

uhmm I would say yes lol :) I think it’s true..

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