Why are cool downs important?

Why should you always cool down after a workout? Stupid “Try to type at least a few sentences in your details.” Psh!

Anyway, yeah.

Answer #1

To let your body rest otherwise you can do a lot of damage to muscles that really really hurt!

Answer #2

when you cool down after a workout, your muscles that were used are full of ‘lactic acid’’, this being the burning feeling you feel when you workout, on certain muscle groups. When you cool down and stretch, your body gets rid of the lactic acid build up, and allows the muscles to relax to their full extent. Sometiems if you do not cool down, your body will store the lactic acid in your muscles, and when you next workout, you will immediatly feel the burning feeling, rather than after an amount of tiem working out. Also, the body heats up quite a lot when you excersise (that is why we sweat, to cool ourselfs down), and this cooling down period allows the body to return to its normal temperature and if applicable, be able to excersise again soon.

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