Why am I sleeping too much?

I dont know why im sleeping so much. it started a few days ago. I am only 15 and never had my period before.

Answer #1

Just sleep as much as you feel like so long as you don’t miss school. If you are feeling depressed, however, that can cause you to sleep more, but it’s most likely due to the fact that you’re just maturing and your body is growing and changing. Your body needs to sleep to grow.

Answer #2

There are many things tha can effect sleep, me personally I find if I have been under a lot of stress my body will attempt to cope by keeping me in bed aka tired… other things could be a change in diet and excersice if you use to excersice a lot and then stopped your body might “have a freak-out” and be tired… Then last thing I could think of is your mood if your feeling kinda sad or even just less happy then usual this can slow you down making you feel tired… I hope I helped

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